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Basic Strategy for Agricola

There are a lot of different strategies for Agricola, but if you do not do the fundamentals, you will be left behind. The game as three parts to it, beginning, middle, and end, each having there own focus. Throughout the game, however, you need to maximize the few actions you have. Getting the most resource or effect is the name of the game.

  • The beginning is all about get your food supply machine going. Pick a method based on what is not being competed for. Regardless if you go for animals, plants, or a combination, get yourself a fire pit or oven to cook food.
  • The middle is focused on gaining new family members which are both points and give you that critical extra action. The sooner you get a new member, the faster you can go after the other aspects of the game.
  • The final part of the game is trying to position yourself for points. The game rewards a wide generalization rather then being master at one or two of them. Try to get at least one of grain, vegetables, plowed fields, pastures, etc. Gaining just one of these allows you to gain 2 points (1 point plus you avoid the -1 penalty).


Other Tips

  • If you are going for animals, make sure you leave at least two at the end of your butchering in order for them to reproduce and give a free one.
  • Play to your cards. Some of the cards can give you a great point/food making machine like the Baker card and then focusing on bread.
  • Get the first person action often. Going first is very advantageous.
  • Try not to eat grain or vegetables directly. Instead convert them. Even if your pasture is full, you can still take animals and convert them to food right away if you have a fire pit or oven. It also ticks people off that want to start a herd.
  • Remember you can always keep a pet in your house for a rainy day. Kinda like a midnight snack.
  • I try to have 2 to 3 field plowed before I sow. This saves crucial actions. However, you need to have other sources of food until this pays off.
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