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Basic Strategy for Bootleggers

You have to balance production, distribution, consumption, and protection in order to maximize returns. You have to actively manage your risk because of the card. Sometimes you need to take a less profitable avenue, but a safer one. Watch your costs! It's just like any business. You tend to just think of the one big pay out, but it's the control of costs that win the game. Make sure your costs are tied to real assets.

Also, keep an eye out on the global supply and demand. Sometimes there is more booze then trucks, other times, it is the other way around.

With regards to dealing with other players, threats are useful, sometimes productive, but best of all, free! You would be surprised how far a subtle (or not so subtle) threat will protect you (or pay for those shining leather shoes). However, when it comes time to use those cards, make sure it is in the name of money. If you can find moves that will hurt someone, but at the same time find a way to strengthen yourself, even just a little, those are better move then a purely "screw you" moves.

Other Quick Points:

  • Influence and Hit cards are tempting, but don't forget to get some production dice fairly early on.
  • Beware an early lead, you will get targeted.
  • Pay attention to what others are doing and make sure no one has complete control of a tier 3 or higher speakeasy—keep everything to a majority or minority mix.
  • Try to get a major stake at a speak-easy.

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