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Basic Strategy for Fortress America

Tips for Both Sides

  • Attack with an overwhelming force.
  • Don’t sacrifice unnecessarily. Troops are hard to replace.
  • Attack defended cities and mountains with combined arms to get the better die role.
  • Defenders should try to break up combined arms advantage if you are defending a city or mountain.

Tips for the USA Player

  • Delay, delay, delay is the name of your game.
  • In the beginning of the game, don’t put that many valuable assets on the costal cities. They will get lost in the first wave of attacks.
  • You will be pushed back, but if you are only going back one square at a time then you are doing great. Loosing two “squares” per turn, you will lose.
  • Hit and run tactics work the best in the beginning.
  • Don’t make too much of a stand in the beginning. You want to establish a perimeter, but let the invader push you back slowly. If you get good cards and/or the invader makes a mistake, then attack. This will hopefully cause a delay.
  • Use partisan unit separately to slow down the invaders buying gaining an 8 instead of 6 for defense. You will lose a few battles but you will take a few of them with you and, most importantly, slow them down and Combine only during an attack.
  • If you get a chance to recapture a city, do so. It will give you an extra card.
  • However, be prepared to do a counter attack on a city.

Tips for the Invaders

  • Hit and move as fast as you can, time is against you.
  • Try to leave at least one unit in a square to prevent some of the partisan cards from popping up guys up behind your lines cutting your supply or even getting a foothold.
  • Make sure you mix your reinforcements and not just bring out high value assets.
  • Take a city only if you know you can hold it. Prevents USA from getting an extra card.
  • Group your bombers together so they only one can die per turn from lasers. If they were spread out

Tips for the Western Player (Yellow)

  • By pass the first few cities and cover the land, then attack from all sides in the later rounds.
  • The idea is to go fast as you can. I would bring out the slower units first, infantry, and then mobile units then air units, so that you can move to the front with force. Exception is the helicopter which can allow you to capture two squares per turn if the USA is not on top of things.
  • Move at least one square per turn, two is even better!!

Advance Thinking

Keep an eye on attacking and defending compensation. If you see a place that has nothing but bombers and you can attack with 10 infantry. Since there are no other units, the infantry can hit bombers. This will allow you to trade cheaper units for more expensive enemy units. This is an extreme case, but it highlights the concept. Conversely, make sure you have some lower quality units to “soak” up the damage and protect your more mobile and valuable assets.
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