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Friedrich Board Game

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Year 2004
Players 3 to 4
Ages 12 and above
Playing Time 210 minutes
BBG Number 12891
Mechanics Hand Management
Point to Point Movement
Secret Unit Deployment
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Basic Strategy for Friedrich

Some beginner’s pointers are:

  • Friedrich is all about the cards. Keep an eye out to what card suits are being used up by your enemy. Pounce when you think he is drained of that suit.
  • Don’t have the supply train right behind the army. Make sure you give your armies some breathing room if they have to retreat. So keep those supply train back a few spaces. That last thing you want is to have your army completely removed because it is tripping over its own supply train. If that happens then you have a slow moving unit exposed to the enemy.
  • Friedrich is a very tactical game. Think a few moves ahead. Try to visualize where you armies and supply trains will be. Keep in mind that they may have to retreat.
  • Do not have multiple armies attack the same enemy unit in the same symbol space. That is, if the enemy is on diamonds, don’t attack the same unit from two diamond spaces. If you use up all your diamonds on the first battle, you are out of luck for the second battle and will lose most likely. It is better to attack with a stack then to divide them and attack from two positions (exception below).
  • Try to attack your enemy unit from two different card spaces if you can. This is the exception to the rule above. If you attack from hearts and then from spades, your opponent still must use the same card type. You are effectively combining the power of the two suits. Odds are you will drain him of his single card type.
  • Avoid leaving units on spaces that border two different card types.
  • Don’t move onto an area where you can get attack unless you have enough cards to support it or at least move through those weak areas as quickly as possible.
  • Retreat often. It is better to attack and lose 1 “men” and move back one space, then to lose 4 more men and retreat as many. The issue is less to do with the loss of men, but rather than the loss of time. If you have to retreat more than three spaces, you basically lose a turn getting back to your previous location. Time is the most valuable resource you have.
  • Trade in cards that you are not using (and will not use in the future) for more men.
  • If you are the allies, try attacking as one big stack. Attack and withdraw and then keep attacking. This will cause Prussia to drain his cards quickly.
  • For Prussia, the clock is your friend. Give ground slowing and cause delays. Regain easy, uncontested objectives and then use your three space influence to hold them. Remember, delay, delay, delay. Don’t stand and fight, but instead punch and retreat gracefully. The worst thing you can do is drain all of your cards of one suit.

Friedrich being played from Austria's view

Have fun with this rich and interesting game of Friedrich!!

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