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Hey, That's My Fish! Board Game

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Year 2003
Players 2 to 4
Ages 8 and above
Playing Time 20 minutes
BBG Number 8203
Mechanics Area Enclosure
Grid Movement
Modular Board
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Basic Strategy for Hey, That's My Fish!

It’s a very deep game then what it appears on the surface. You can teach kids the difference between short-term – “gobble them up strategy” vs. the longer term of position and out maneuvering your opponents.

  • Don’t be a sucker and think this game is just about who can gobble up the most 3-fish hexes.
  • When you position yourself, try to avoid the edges and corners.
  • In fact, it is way more about position and maneuvering.
  • Try to box in your opponents on small ice sheets and leave the bulk for yourself.
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