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Basic Strategy for Ideology: The War of Ideas

The winner of the game is the person who is most effective at using their influence cards to gain power, which makes more power, and power gains more power…. You get the idea.

You basically have three areas a turn to spend your cards: Development (also to get new defensive technologies), Foreign Influence, and Conflict. The basic problem is that if you spend the cards in the earlier offensive phases to increase your power and technology (which aids in defense), you don’t have any defensive protection if someone attacks you.

Here are some other points to remember:

  • Level up your points in the first two turns as quickly as possible so that you can draw more cards per turn. A quick way is to “develop” you home country. A balanced approached is needed with a slight leaning to offensive.
  • You should keep one card back for conflict. Since the other players don’t know which type it is, it might deter all of them.
  • If you are going to keep a card for the conflict phase for defense, the best one is culture since everyone can attack everyone regardless of their diplomatic stance.
  • You need to balance between building up defenses with technology and acquiring new points. If you go too fast, your opponents will be able to attack you successfully.
  • Don’t go crazy with gaining new countries. You only need a “1” and a “2” and then develop them to twice their worth. That gives you your needed 12 points when you include your home country of 6. It is easier to develop then to influence or attack.
  • Watch out for your diplomacy stance, it can protect you from military attacks, but it also limits your options. If you’re America, try to be friends with everyone since culture is your strong suit. If you are the German player, war is when you shine while culture is you’re weakest. A friendly Germany is a useless Germany.

Keep an eye on the Imperial player. They get a great advantage of being able to influence level one independent without paying the distance penalty. With this power, then can capture small countries quickly and develop them up to a level two. If you start to see the Imperial player run away with points, get the other players to chip away at him.

If your opponents are not saving their cards for the conflict phase, attack their home country if you don’t have a distance penalty and have the advantage. If you win, during the next foreign phase, remove your influence card. This will cause them to go down a point for the turn and cannot be fixed until next round. But don’t go crazy with attacks. Just do a few to keep them on their toes and make them hold cards back. It’s kinda like boxing in a way.

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