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Basic Strategy for Navegador

Navegador is one of great games of the Rondel Series by Mac Gerdts and shares some of the same strategy and tactics of the other games. Here are some points to remember about Navegador board game:

  • Money is important, but gaining victory points is your main goal.
  • At the start, you want to balance out all the actions and try to build quickly a money source. You want a few workers, ships, colonies, and buildings which all take money (market). So you will be moving slowly around the rondle.
    • Ignore the privileges for the first two rounds
    • GET workers every pass. They allow you to build quickly and you will need them for the privileges that you will be focused on. If you can afford it, get two for $150.
  • However, after the first few trips around the rondel, you need to pick an area of victory point specialization (see next point) and you will start to jump around the rondel faster to meet those objectives.
    • Get a privilege every turn as quickly as possible.
    • You will still need to get at least one worker on every pass since getting a privilege will kill one off.
  • Dominating one victory point area will allow a good showing in the points. Try to pick an area that your opponents are not in. In order to win the game, you will need a secondary area to focus on which will most likely be competitive. For you first game, stay away from:
    • Colony and Factory combo
    • Shipyard and church combo
  • In this game you need to be very aware of what your opponents are doing. Specifically, what the person in front and back of you are doing. If the guy in front of you is selling gold, then you should get a few gold factories. You can screw with the guy that comes after you buy selling the same good that he has, gaining the privilege that he desire, or buying a building that will help him.
  • In Navegador, it is about being efficient with your moves around the rondel. Try to do multiple actions per move:
    • Buy two colonies during the colony move (two ships and enough cash are required)
    • Buy two industries at once (requires six workers and enough cash)

If you have the time, Alex Rockwell wrote a great in depth strategy guide for Navegador which discusses advance strategies for Navegador.

Navegador board game

Enjoy Navegador!

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