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Basic Strategy for Tinner's Trail

  • You need a solid start in the first round. Buy at least two mines.
  • If the prices are low, unless it is the last round, only pull enough out of the ground to pay the round’s bill and leave the rest for, hopefully, a higher price round.
  • Easy beginner strategy tip: put $15 to $20 aside for next round and then put the rest into Victory points. Of course the last round you buy as much points as possible.
  • More then $7 per territory is on the high side. Try for $6 or less. The bid prices on “Tinner’s Trail” really depends on the market prices: bid aggressively if the prices are high and conservatively if low.
  • When you need to buy land, pick locations that you don’t want and let others exhaust their movement points and money. Then gobble as many as the ones you want on the cheap. This also works if you still have movement points or money and no one else does.
  • Buy the improvements first before they are gone.
  • Think about turn order and maybe passing on the previous turn to get first pick on the current turn.
  • Sometimes it is better to take 2 small improvements rather then a large 3 MP one.
  • On the first round, be the first to buy the first mine. This will set you up to pick first on improvements. But only if the bidding doesn’t get out of hand.
  • Try to place all your mines on to the board by buying cheap land. There is the need to develop them, however, the more raw cubes you own, the greater the chance for money.

Tinner's Trail

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