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Basic Strategy for Vegas Showdown

Fundamentally, Vegas Showdown is a bidding game. Your main strategy is to buy assets cheaply and forcing your opponents to pay a higher price.
  • Try to have cash on hand for any surprise opportunities. There is randomness to some of the cards, but hopefully you can seize those point cards that come up.
  • Bid up the pieces your opponent wants, and then you can go and get the one that you want. Try not to telegraph the piece that you’re lusting over.
  • Be careful where you place your pieces. I know it is hard to know if you have never played the game, but you are trying to match up the red corners. You can spend the turns that you are not buying by moving your pieces around, but you miss out on the single fame point of Publicity. Renovating helps as long as you do it only once or twice a game. A “PR Scandal” is another prime time to do renovation.
  • Generally, you want to focus on your money machine early on, and then move to gaining points near the end. However, fame points are cheaper in the early part of the game so take any opportunities that come your way.
  • If the items are too expensive, take a “Publicity” instead for the turn. Then the next turn, people should be shy of cash and you can buy something at a lower price point.
  • Don’t over pay for slots and don’t let your opponents pay only $5 for them.
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