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Why I Created this Site

The introduction on the home page spells out the main motivation for this site: I don’t want to waste my time sucking at a new board game.

After my game group has read the rules, I want to be able to get a quick summary of the biggest mistakes a newbie can make and be able to view this on my cell phone.

I want to be able to read this mini-guide with in three minutes.

What I Do Not Want this Site to be

Because of the stated goal of the site, I didn’t want this to be a discussion site with a complete 360 analysis and debate. That is what Board Game Geek is for. BGG is simply the best board game resource that will drain any possible productivity from your work day if you dare to open the site up. The geeks there know their strategy.

About the Strategy Guides

These guides won’t help you dominate the game. In fact, they are authored from a completely different view point and will not include any advance high risk moves, but they serve as great starting point to emerse yourself into the unique strategy of the board game.

I want to be clear, following these board game strategy guides will not prevent you from coming in last place. All they are designed for is to reduce of chance of sucking really hard at the game (like 10 to 2 in a game of settlers).

Writing a Guide

There are a lot of games out there and I wish I had the time to play all of them, let alone to write a 101 guide for them. If you want to contribute a guide, please send it to

Keep it short, 2 or 3 paragraphs at most, and focused on NOT SUCKING rather then winning. Images are welcomed but in the article they will be scaled down to 400px wide for mobile devices. However, they will be able to click on them for the full sized ones.

All authors will get a link to their BGG profile as credit so please include your BGG user name.

Funagain Games Affiliation

For most products, I provide a link to Funagain Games. I get compensation if you buy from them and come from my site. The income goes to offsetting the cost of the site. Both, income and expense, are what you call “negligible”, but it is nice not have to pay for your hobby. Since these are strategy guides and not reviews, I do not believe there is any perceived conflict of interest.


  • Board Game Geek provides the basic game’s details via their API.
    BGG rocks and I encourage you to donate to the geek.

  • My Minneapolis game group. With out them I would be stuck playing the same game over and over. They give me the gift of much needed variety.

Comments and Criticisms

I invite you to email me or connect via BGG all constructive comments you may have.

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